Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT)

Our team

The Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT) is a mobile ICU service. It is a multidisciplinary team comprised of an ICU Nurse, Respiratory therapist and ICU physician that responds to calls from in-patient ward staff. We bring critical care knowledge and skills to the patient. Our goal is to work with primary care teams to recognize early signs of clinical deterioration and intervene quickly.

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How our team works

Anyone can call us for help. Our team is made up of a core group of expert ICU RNs, a registered respiratory therapist (RRT) and an ICU physician. If your patient has one or more of these indicators of clinical deterioration or you are worried about a patient for any reason, you can call CCOT and the CCOT RN will be there within 5 to 15 minutes to assess the patient, collaborate with the primary care team to support patient care. The CCOT RRT and CCOT MD will also be called in as required. The CCOT team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

CCOT Call Criteria

  • Worried or concerned about…
  • Threatened airway
  • Oxygen saturation below 90% and/or increasing oxygen needs
  • Breathing too slow or too fast (i.e., Respiratory rate below 10/minute or above 30/minute)
  • Blood pressure too low or too high (i.e., SBP below 90mmHg or above 210 mmHg)
  • Heart beat too slow or too fast (i.e., below 40/minute or above 140/minute)
  • Sudden change or decrease in level of consciousness
  • Urine output less than 100mL over 4 hours
  • Elevated MEWS score

Who makes up our team

Our team is made up of an CCOT Nurse who is also an ICU Nurse when not assigned to CCOT, a Respiratory Therapist and a CCOT physician, who also works in the ICU as an intensivist when not assigned to the CCOT Team.

CCOT Nurse

Only expert ICU nurses who have: completed specialty training in critical care, have 2 or more years of experience in ICU and is recognized as an expert clinician with excellent communication and mentorship skills can join CCOT.

Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)

Registered respiratory therapists (RRT) are highly skilled health care workers with expertise in the lungs, lung diseases, and many therapies to help with breathing. 

CCOT Physician

The CCOT Physician is also an ICU physician also known as an intensivist. An intensivist is a physician who has completed additional specialty training in critical care medicine. The CCOT physician also reviews all patients being followed by the CCOT team. 


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