We will be the premier centre for quality patient and family focused care, critical care, research and learning. 


We are a centre for excellence, providing leadership and innovation in the delivery of quality critical care, research and teaching. 

Our multi-disciplinary team provides compassionate, inclusive and respectful care to patients and families. 

We aim to make a positive difference in people’s lives through our focus on patient and family-centred care. 

How do we live Providence’s Values?


  • Embrace multicultural relationships with patients, families and the health care team
  • Foster a culture that is respectful of spiritual, faith traditions and rituals of al
  • Pursue excellence in service to patients and families


  • Provide an inclusive multi-disciplinary approach to patient-centred care


  • Advocate strongly for patient safety and staff support
  • Recognize the individuality and specialties of the health care team
  • Promote best practice and quality care while being fiscally responsible


  • Involve care providers, patients and families in decision-making, problem-solving and projects


  • Embrace innovation and new technology
  • Promote evidence-based practice/protocols
  • Lead with academic learning through research, teaching and training
  • Provide provincial and global leadership, patient/client care, research, and teaching


  • Lead with camaraderie and cohesiveness; welcoming to new people